Pillars Of Grief

The Other Side Of Grief and Grieving

July 06, 2023 Jock Brocas Season 1 Episode 8
Pillars Of Grief
The Other Side Of Grief and Grieving
Show Notes

On this episode of Pillars Of Grief, we delve deep into the other side of grief and grieving. Our host, Jock Brocas, is joined by guest Dr. Charlson Gaines as they explore various aspects of the healing process. They discuss finding a therapist who has dealt with similar issues and emphasize the importance of empathy and understanding in establishing a connection with a therapist. Trust in therapy is also highlighted, with the recognition that ethical therapists will refer clients to other specialists if they lack expertise in certain areas. 

Dr. Gaines shares a personal example of working as a life coach to help a client improve their relationship and self-esteem, illustrating how the healing process can bring up suppressed trauma. They suggest seeking additional help for dealing with newly surfaced memories and emphasize the importance of acknowledging the reasons for grief in order to better understand it. 

The conversation also delves into the concept of vulnerability and self-compassion as aids in the healing process, emphasizing that grief can hinder emotional normalcy if not properly dealt with. Dr. Gaines opens up about their own personal experience with grieving during a complex divorce process, highlighting the unique challenges that arise when an ex-partner remains present in one's life. 

The episode takes a spiritual turn as Dr. Gaines discusses the duality between the material world and the higher self. As a medium, Jock explains the process of raising vibrations to connect with loved ones on the other side and highlight the transcendent nature of the love connection between partners. The soul's yearning for expression and the higher self's desire for peace, harmony, and love are explored, as well as the potential breakdown of a relationship if partners do not vibrate at the same level. 

The conversation widens to encompass the idea that grief extends beyond just losing loved ones, with examples such as losing a job leading to a deep sense of loss. Listeners are invited to send in questions about grief to further explore the topic. The episode concludes with the anticipation of the next guest, Jalson, sharing their thoughts on the topic.

 Throughout the episode, Jock and Dr. Charlson Gaines address issues such as vulnerability, lack of communication, and the importance of self-compassion in navigating the complexities of grief. They aim to create a safe space for listeners to explore their own experiences of grief and loss. The Pillars Of Grief podcast encourages listeners to subscribe and promises to continue discussing the psychological aspects of grief in future episodes. Listeners are also encouraged to complete the assigned homework and provide feedback or ask questions. Stay tuned for more engaging content in the upcoming episodes of Pillars Of Grief.

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